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Take it up a level

Analyzing this crazy thing we call fandom

Anastasia Mitrevski
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Hey. I'm Ana, and I'm a guy. I originally started this journal in order to have a place to keep my various meta type ramblings about fandom. It's evolved into something more, and promises to continue to do so. Which is no bad thing, really.

The title of the journal is "Take it up a level", which is not some sort of reference to the quality of the discussion around these parts. It's really more of a reference to my sort of strange tendency to analyze things structurally. I'm drawn to meta discussion, and then I'm drawn to meta discussion of meta discussion, and then... Well, I'm sure you get the idea.

I find myself drawn to fandom primarily because it's so intensely personal. I think that fiction is an incredibly important tool for people to use to better understand themselves and one another, and in fandom we claim that fiction and make it our own. That gets me excited, and that's the sort of stuff I want to talk about.

Anyway, I love to talk (though it might be more accurate to label it "rambling"), and I love to have people talk back. You're welcome, even encouraged, to comment on any post I make, no matter how old. And if you want to friend me for easier access to the insanity, I don't mind at all.

Also, if you've been friended by me recently, you might find these f-locked posts interesting. Feel free to check them out.